Desk-based Assessment (DBA) - Services

A desk-based assessment is a rapid and cost-effective method of assessing the potential for archaeological remains to be present within the proposed development area. The production of a DBA involves assessing the available archaeological and historical records (e.g. historic mapping), aerial photographs and, if available, borehole logs. This data is then analysed in order to determine the potential impact of the proposed development. Once produced, a DBA can then be used to assist in the development of any required mitigation strategy. This in turn will help in reducing the potential for delays as the project develops.

A DBA is sometimes the first part of a staged approach to the understanding of the archaeological potential of site and is often requested prior to a planning decision being made. Depending upon the results of the DBA, there may be a requirement for further archaeological works. This could take the form of an evaluation, a watching brief or (rarely) excavation. In some cases the DBA shows that there is no potential for archaeological remains to be present and no further work is required.

JB Archaeology Ltd regularly undertakes DBAs across Yorkshire on a range of proposed developments from industrial estates to small scale residential schemes.