What JB Archaeology Ltd Do


As part of the planning process there are a number of development sites that are identified as lying in ‘archaeologically sensitive’ areas. If this is the case, then there may be an archaeological condition placed on the planning consent for development works. These conditions can range from a simple watching brief through to a staged programme of works involving desk-based assessments, archaeological evaluation (sometimes known as trial trenching) through to full excavation.

Inevitably in order to fulfil the planning requirements, suitably detailed reports are required at each stage. JB Archaeology Ltd can provide a full range of archaeological services to cover these requirements and, if required, we can arrange for geophysical and topographic surveys along with artefact identification and assessment.


As well as planning requirements, listed building consent can sometimes require an archaeological input. This is often in the form of an historic building survey prior to any alteration works commencing. JB Archaeology Ltd undertakes Level 1-3 historic building surveys and can also arrange for Level 4 surveys if required.


Working with the aims of the community group, JB Archaeology Ltd aims to develop a programme of ‘on the job’ learning to help the members of the group develop their archaeological skills and knowledge. We would endeavour to help guide a group through whatever archaeological investigations they require from project planning to final report production.